We throw Drift Jam events at tracks and other venues where you would normally be hardpressed to find cars drifting. To us, drifting is the most fun you can have in a stylish car. Drift Jam’s entire motive is to do this as much as possible, providing a safe and fun environments for drivers to learn and push limits, and a cool creative space for spectators to hang out. our events span across the summer, and around the toronto area.


What does it take to build a cool streetable drift car?

Communicating our vehicle standards has always been a challenge – safety aside, we are looking for a certain style of car when it comes to our participants. We cater the series to people who go the extra mile, spend the extra time, and ultimately treat their vehicle the way an artist treats a blank sheet of paper.

After absolutely no planning or discussion, we set out to document the entire process of turning this M3 from a shitbox to a fun shitbox.

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