Driver Profile // STREET DRIVEN // Nick's Low Style C33 Street Car

Gotta give props where I see it. Nick's been street driving and drifting this Right hand drive RB20DET Nissan Laurel all summer. I'll let the photos do the talking, if you want to keep up with this street car, follow him on Instagram.


Nick's C33 is sporting an authentic Uras Kit from Japan and is sitting on Weds Cerberus 2s.

As far as engine, he kept things simple and reliable: The car is powered by an RB20DET with basic bolt ons, Rb25 turbocharger, front facing intake manifold and front mount intercooler.

He's running a a freshly rebuilt OS Giken TS twin plate clutch, welded VLSD, 4 piston front brakes and full multilink suspension all around. 

Personally, we love seeing builds like this. Nick still drives his car to, at and home from the track. Gotta respect a cool street car when you see one. 

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