Yeah, so just incase you weren’t sure, COVID-19 is about to takeover the planet. Unless we actively go out of our way to change our habits, this virus could be the end of us all. 

Below are a few things we’re doing to limit the spread of COVID-19, and keep the pressure off of our healthcare system.

What You Need To Know:

  • Masks are recommended for everyone
  • Hand Sanitizer is mandatory, and YOU as the PARTICIPANT are responsible for bringing your own. Do not assume you can rely on the venue for this.
  • We only allow one person at a time in registration buildings at smaller venues (ie – Gamebridge Go Karts)
  • Driver’s Pits must be set up 6 ft apart
  • Drivers must pre-register for events, to ensure there is space
  • Bring your own garbage bag for your items – venues will not be collecting garbage

do i need to pre-register?

Yes! it is important that you register to ensure there is space available. 

You can try and show up without registering, but we cannot guarantee you a spot.

Are Spectators Allowed?

Not until we find a cure 🙁