Gamebridge Go Karts is a small track located about an hour north of Toronto. This small course is tight and technical, with a few corners on the north side that are a bit wider than most kart tracks. This venue is small, with very limited pit space and parking, and for that reason we are always very selective with who we let participate at the rounds we host here.

When we first tested it, we found the course narrow enough to raise the stakes, but wide enough where it matters to let drivers gain angle and show style. From a spectating perspective, another awesome part about Gamebridge is that you can see the whole layout from the pit and spectator area, which makes everyone feel close to the action.

You could say that this is where it all started – Gamebridge is basically our home track. The story of how we found out about this place goes very far back and is way too intricate to get into in detail – but it started with one of the best drivers from Toronto quitting drifting in frustration with the sport, getting rid of all of his equipment, and getting into Go Karting.

One thing lead to another, and before you know it he was introducing us to Lou, the owner of Gamebridge Go Karts. Lou bought the track a couple of years prior, and put a ton of work into the facility (including an extension on the south end of the track).

He was down to have us throw an event or two at the venue providing we didn’t damage the track. This turned out to be impossible.

The dilemma with having an event like ours at Gamebridge was having to stuff (and park) 300 people and 25 cars on a Go Kart Track. It became apparent that this place wasn’t designed for this at all. With some modification and a huge community effort, we’ve been able to work together and pretty much call Gamebridge home.