House league is a Drift series catered to drivers who are looking for an open environment to test skills, new setups and have fun.  There are no structures to House League days. Drivers are organized into classes based on skill, and are let out in groups. Because TMP is not equipped with a skid pad, we cater to intermediate level drivers (you should at least be able to hold a drift and transfer)

Spectators are welcome and encouraged to pull up – ride alongs are encouraged as that is what often gets newcomers into the sport. Drifting is a social motorsport, so please bring as many people as you want (and maybe a BBQ)

Tickets are available day of, but purchasing them online puts you in line with getting a free sticker pack delivered to your house (and into the fast line day of the event) – so I’d order em here whether you’re driving or spectating.


  • Driver, spectator and media tickets will be available for online purchase soon (seasons passes too)
  • The event starts at 9AM
  • The event is at Toronto Motorsports Park (Cayuga)
  • The day schedule is: open skids until they kick us out (10AM – 4PM)
  • Only cars modified and equipped specifically for drifting should apply. no stock or unprepared drift cars.


We don’t have any particular eye for any particular style, we just enjoy seeing and celebrating the effort behind a well executed vision. 

Participant cars can be ratty and we have leniency towards beat up cars, but the vehicle must be built with intention and driven with focus. 

The basics are no suspension should be loose, no fluids should be leaking, please do not show up without coilovers or something that has lowered the vehicles center of gravity. Angle mods are optional.

If the car is too ratty for the street, it is probably too ratty for the track.