You can think of House League as an open invitation for drivers that want to improve their skills. 

We welcome intermediate and professional level drivers to show up, test, tune and tandem every other Thursday.

is there a driver limit?

House league events are limited to 10 cars per day.

how do i participate?

If you’re a driver that has never driven the course before, we would require you to do one watched lap (after the driver’s meeting) to make sure you can keep up with the other cars on track, bail properly, and connect the course safely without unintentionally flying off track.

If you have driven before, simply show up in the morning, go through tech, attend the drivers meeting and enjoy.

what is the day schedule?

Gates Open: 2 PM

Driver’s Meeting: 3:30 PM

Drifting: 4 PM – Sundown

are loud cars ok?

As long as we’re cool with our neighbours, not really. If your car is loud, try and quiet it down, the track has a 100dB limit. Not sure if your car passes? 100dB is about the same as being 1 mile away from a boeing 747 landing or revving your new Harley (from a 25 ft distance) or Running a newspaper press

How Much Does it Cost?

Driver Cost: $100 CAD

Spectators: Currently Not Allowed Due to COVID-19

Pit Crew: Each Driver is allowed 2 Pit Crew. Pit Passes are $20 (per person)

do i need to pre-register?

Yes! Since we only allow 10 cars per event, its important that you register to ensure there is space available. 

You can try and show up without registering, but we cannot guarantee you a spot.

what standards does my car have to meet?

Unlike Drift Jam events, House League events are more focused on driver development than showmanship. Having your car “together” is a must, but we are a bit easier going on the fit and finish standards. The safety check is short and sweet – Please make sure that:

  • Your seatbelts are functional and undamaged
  • Wheel lugs must all be present
  • No glycol based antifreeze (water & water wetter is ideal)
  • Battery must be tied down
  • No loose wiring or body panels
  • Absolutely no dripping leaks of any kind

The safety of your car is the driver’s responsibility. We check each car before the drivers meeting, but it is the driver’s responsibility to keep up with their car throughout the day. Suspension components and fittings shake loose often.

what if i cause damage?

You’re responsible for your own car, and any damage you create to the track. Each driver is expected to minimize and do as little harm to the environment as possible. 

This means not intentionally dirt dropping, not doing standing burnouts and staying on top of maintenance to minimize spills and accidents with other drivers. 

If we see this happening, we reserve the right to make you sit out a lap, or even the rest of the session.

what about spectating & ride alongs?

We like to keep the crowd small at these events. Spectator cost is $25 at the gate.

Due to parking availability, we limit spectator attendance based on how much parking is available.

Gates do not open for spectators until 1 PM during House League events. 

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