About Us

Drift Jam is for drivers who want to see the sport progress. 

What is the “Throwdown” Series?

Throwdown is our spin on a competition series. We’re getting rid of qualifying and replacing it with a couple of hours of open drift day style practice. We’re running two classes of competition throughout the day - Pro Class and Street Class.

Pro Class:

Top 32 with no qualifying! We put all of the registrants names into a scrambler that pairs up the first heat at random. Drivers find out who they will be up against in the AM Drivers meeting. After that, pro and street class drivers have an AM full track session - plenty of time to learn the course, get comfortable and maybe even do some small tandems with your fellow competitors. 

 Street Class:

Cars drive the track in the morning and are judged based on different criteria than pros. It’ll feel like a drift day, but your whole session is being judged - so Throw down! Awards given out in this class for Most Smoke, Best Style, Best Entry, Best Sanpatsu, Best Wall Ride and more. NO ROLL CAGE REQUIRED. 

What is the “Good Vibes” Series?

Good Vibes is our series of open drift practice days.  We send cars out in groups, and keep the track hot all day! There are two drivers meetings (AM and mid day), cool tandems, great ride alongs and fun times. We limit the driver attendance at these events to 50 cars so signing up in advance is recommended!

How Do I Participate?

Click here to fill out the form online to sign up in advance for our event!

Do I Have to Sign Up In Advance?

It's cheaper if you do!  

What are the Tech rules for Throwdown?

Click here for the Throwdown Tech Rules

What are the Tech rules for “Good Vibes”?

You wanna know why drifting is so cool?  Couple of reasons:

A) Respect

B) Mindfulness

That being said, here are the basic rules for Good Vibes.

  • No Dripping Leaks
  • No Unmaintained Rust Buckets (Nothing Janky Please)
  • Functional front and rear lights
  • Car must be on coilovers
  • Working Seatbelts
  • Helmets are required
  • Battery Tie Down
  • Fire Extinguisher is necessary
  • No first timers

*Rules will be added/adjusted to suit each venue.