Peterborough Kartway is a small track located down a dirt road in what seems to be the middle of the forest. The venue is super small, there’s no pit, there’s no road in, there’s no running water, and there’s no electricity. The never ending turns made the course a blast (and real challenge) for go karts – but what about drift cars? 

We can appreciate the skeptics. When Drew (Red wagon) and I were scoping it out, we weren’t sure if the place would even be slidable in an older small Japanese car, never mind a pro car. (His car is bigger than most pro cars, so he was EXTRA concerned.

The owner told us last time he tried driving on the track it was in a Porsche 911 in the late 80s and almost flipped it in the (west facing) back section. But that was in a rear engined Porsche in 1980, and this is 2019. 

Because of the small size of the venue we only invited drivers we knew could hold it down. The track is narrow, and to raise the stakes higher, the perimeter of the asphalt is lined in tires. Despite the challenges this track day was a blast.