Communicating our car standards has always been a challenge – safety aside, we are looking for a certain style of car when it comes to our participants. We cater the series to people who go the extra mile, spend the extra time, and ultimately treat their vehicle the way an artist treats a blank sheet of paper.

We don’t have any particular eye for any particular style, we just enjoy seeing and celebrating the effort behind a well executed vision.

Mike got this M3 on our local classifieds for less than half of what they are usually valued at ($6000 CAD). 

The intention was to buy it as a parts vehicle for his 1JZ swapped Blue M3, but upon more inspection we realized the with a bit of work car would be good enough to not only street drive, but take to the track.

We decided to document the entire process, from planning and buying the car (including the story of how/why the car was so relatively inexpensive), to fixing, modifying and eventually driving the shit out of it. 

BMWs are all really well set up from factory, so minimal modifications are needed to the body or suspension.

The spirit of this “build” was to keep things minimal, so after the boring maintenance we opted for a set of BC Racing coilovers, and 18×10.5 Work Eurolines. The car’s rear fenders had to be carefully cut and rolled to fit the wheels*.

With them cut, they fit without any rubbing.

*I only had a clip of the cutting process so I figured I’d hold off until we can make an entire video on how to fit wheels properly.

We meet Mike, check out his cars and shop, pick up and inspect the M3.

We install a set of BC Racing coilovers, big shiny wheels and took it both lapping and drifting.