Shannonville is the birthplace of Champions. Nelson circuit is one of Canada’s most commonly drifted circuits, and the track is home to some of the most exciting grassroots drift days in the country.

Ran unlike any other drift day we had ever experienced, Shannonville lets over 10 cars on track at once, with no regard to power level, car level or driving skill. Even though (depending on your perspective) it sounds scary, or even stupid, the sink or swim environment Shannonville provided has produced a ton of insane drivers over the years.

Aside from being able to do what feels like whatever you want, one of the cool opportunities a driver has participating in a track day of this format is being able to push limits and figure out what line works best.

One of the coolest lines we have found we dubbed “The Shannonville Special”. It’s a hard line to nail – you need a combination of high power and driving skill – but if executed correctly a driver can link the full course, with only one manji down each straight.

The inception of our competition style was structured around this trick, which is what lead to us thinking of other cool feats we’d like to see drivers accomplish, and was what gave birth to our Street Class.

We wanted to explore a complimentary competition format, so we started brainstorming a type of competition that was not head to head, and catered to the less experienced and more street car focused crowd. We came up with a list of challenges that every driver (street car or pro car) was capable of shooting for.

Here we learned that if we run street cars between pro cars to keep the track hot, the audience doesn’t get bored.