This is probably the most fun you're ever going to have with your car. We're ripping apart the traditional competition format.

There are two types of events: The first is Good Vibes , our open drift days; the second is our competition series, which name changes with the theme of each season.
Last year, it was called Throwdown – If you were there, you probably had a great time. This year, we’ve decided against having any vehicle setup limitations. Yep, less rules. We’re calling it Group D . It’s going to be awesome.
The main difference between Good Vibes and Group D is the second half of the day. During the second half of the day, Good Vibes continues on as an ordinary drift day with an open track.
For Group D , the second half of the day signals the start of competition. A pool of 16 drivers is selected through a qualifying process, and we end the day watching the top 16 drivers of the day battle it out for a pool of sponsored prizes.
To participate, head over to the events page and select the event you’d like to drive. Click here to go to the events page.
You can find the tech rules in the Rules & Driver Information PDF. Any details on track-specific tech requirements will be on the registration form of the event.
Yes, signing up in advance is mandatory for all rounds.
If you are having trouble with the sign up form, send us an email at